TV Raves

---->The Simpsons

By far the best show on TV. Yes it has declined in years but by far it is still the best choice for TV today. I do wish they would do an episode about the cat though.

Best Line:
When a Japanese company combines a fish head and a light bulb to form a new logo, it comes out looking like Homer's Face

Bart (to Homer) There's your answer Fishbulb

Second Best Line:
When Homer is guarding his sugar and a swarm of bees comes and Homer starts swatting them.

Homer: Oh they're defending themselves somehow.


Classic TV series. OK I'll admit Kramer will get on your nerves. But then you take a break, live your life and come back for more. I didn't understand how George got all them pretty girls though.

The funniest single line: Man Hands. It's funny just to say it "Man Hands

Remember when "Man Hands" crushed the lobster.

I like when Jerry says, "It wasn't a twist-off," when she opens the beer.

Best Line:

George: "Elaine, I have got to have another picture of Gillian."

Jerry: "I tried to get him one but 'Man Hands' almost ripped my arm out of the socket!"

---->Prisoner Cell Block H

The Australian Soap Opera seen here in the late 70s / early 80s.

It was just called Prisoner in its native Australia. It was renamed for the foreign market, as not to confuse it with the American series by the same name (from the 1960s)

Will the Bea or Myra debate ever end???

Although it was a limited run series focusing on Lynn, Karen and Bea, it's popularity quickly turned it into a long term soap opera

Judy portrayed by Betty Bobbit was the first positevly portrayed gay character I had ever seen on TV. It made a big difference to me, knowing that gay people could be postive thing.

Best Line:
Vera talking to the elderly inmante Lizzie

Vera: "Just because you're old doesn't mean you can say whatever you want"

Best Dramatic Moment
Bea recovers from her amnesia and confronts Margo, almost pulling her thru the bars of the cell

Bea: "I'm back Margo, and if you tell anyone I'm gonna kill you."

---->The Honeymooners

What more can you say about this. The classic 39 episodes or the "found" episodes. They are all great.

What most people don't understand is why Ralph is always broke. After all bus drivers made a decent living. While this is true, the whole point was Ralph, instead of saving his money, spent it on schemes.

Another thing most people don't get is that Alice is not an "abused" wife by any means. I recall Audrey Meadows saying she deliberately portrayed Alice as such, to never show the slightest bit of fear when Ralph went off on a tangent.

Clearly Alice doesn't have the slightest fear of Ralph. She lets him yell and scream, usually followed with an "Aw shut up," or another quick witted retort."

Best Line:
Alice talking to Trixie, when the beautiful wife of Ralph's boss calls him a "treasure."

Alice: "A treasure? A treasure? If he keeps this up much longer he's gonna be a BURIED treasure."

---->Kate And Allie

This series was one that I liked when it was on, but I love now. I think because I am going thru the same thing as these women did.

You know the turning 40 bit. I also like the fact that it was pretty real and realistic. I can only think of one dream sequence on the show.

Unlike most TV shows, this series was shot in NYC, which explains the opening dialogues between Kate And Allie. One of the reasons I so wanted to go to NYC was because of the opening scenes. It made NYC look really attractive at a time when it had a very bad reputation.

I always felt Jane Curtin is vastly underrated, and while I don't think she can carry a show, she makes an excellent supporting member

I always did take exception with the Kate And Allie episode where they found out their landlady was a lesbian. It was a great episode but the ending was poor and was illogical.

Pressure from higher-ups at CBS to quash what they thought would lead to viewers to believe that Kate and Allie were lesbians, the producers were instructed to show Kate and Allie entering separate bedrooms to sleep in separate beds at the end of each episode.

That bugged me as that apartment was huge, I mean four bedrooms, and three levels in Greenwich Village. In 1988 before ladies moved to a new flat (usually a disaster in sitcoms) Kate said the Greenwich Village apartment rented for $800 a month.

---->Dick Van Dyke

This show is top notch with almost no misses in 158 episodes.

Rob and Laura basically made living in the suburbs cool. The first season had a few growing pains, including using way too much make up on the actors and establishing characters idiosyncrasies.

A lot of people don't realize after the second season the opening featured Dick Van Dyke, tripping over the ottoman, going around it and a very rarely seen segment where he goes around the ottoman and trips on a carpet or toy or something.

I actually thought the last season was by far the best, though Laura was beginning to get to look a bit too much like Jackie Kennedy. In fact the last episode title "The Gunslinger" where Rob Dreams he is back in the old west, is one of my favourite episodes of this.

Another great episode is when Rob and Laura both tell their versions of what happened in a fight they have. I also loved the Christmas episode. Since my family celebrated Christmas Eve and WGN-TV Channel 9 used to air "The Dick Van Dyke Show" at 6:30pm, it was always the official start of our Christmas Eve celebration.

Another thing I like about this series is how when Buddy insults Mel Sally and Rob often laughs along in the background, this is what would happen in real life, most other sitcoms the other characters ignore the joke.

Sometimes syndicated in reruns as the "Dick Van Dyke Daytime Show," a few episodes of this series are in public domain. You can generally get low quality DVDs of these few episodes title "The Best of the Dick Van Dyke Show" for a dollar at Wal-Mart and various dollar stores. Even though they are far from the best, they are in public domain so that is why the videos look so cheap. You'll also notice since the music is still subject to copyright the opening theme is replaced.

And for us gay folk, Richard Deacon, who played Mel Cooley was gay.

Best Line:

Rob: You Jumped to conclusions
Laura: You lead me to that conclusions
Rob: No, I may have led you to the edge but jumping was your own idea.

Mel: Alan has been chewing my head off
Rob: Oh is that how that happened

Mel: Alan's invited all of you and you can bring your wives, boyfriends or what have you.
Sally: Great I'll bring my what have you.

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