White Castle

They have a current commerical with a stoned out type guy sniffing packages of White Castle hamburgers. It is GROSS!! Is this the image they want? They want to perpetuate the idea that White Castle is just for stoned out guys up late and going there because there is little else open.

I can't even watch it thru. This ugly long haired druggie sniffing hamburgers.

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This is the one with the black guy explaining that even though the guy is OK his life is ruined because he doesn't have insurance. I mean get real, just don't pay the bill. He could declare bankruptcy. It happens a lot with medical bills.

Scare tactics and condecention are NOT good motivators of people and I will never buy Unicare Insurance if I have a choice.

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Why the hell is the gecko English? When I lived in Florida those things were all over the place, sans a tail of course, because the cats woud try to catch them and usually only sucseded in getting their tails. By making the gecko English, well that is just stupid.


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