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The Best Cartoon Ever

The Wacky Weed

Released in 1946 this is the best cartoon ever. Although it is the only cartoon from Andy Panda that I like or is even half decent

It is about Andy taking home a flower and trying to plant it. A weed immediately attacks the flower. It is so funny, and that flower is such a sissy. I mean, it doesn't even TRY to fight back. It's all like "Help me, help me, I'm such a sissy." The flower could've tried to throw a couple of punches. It's sad when you are rooting for the weed as it's choking the flower.

Besides the weed is cuter than the flower

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The Second Best Cartoon


There was another cartoon I loved, I don't know what program it was on but it involved a matchmaker guy and a little guy from outer space. First the matchmaker fixes him up with a jukebox, which the spaceman thinks is a woman. The jukebox is playing the song I Love You. So you can get the picture, the jukebox is singing, "I love you," over and over and the space guy says in a really cool little squeaky voice "She love's me." Trust me this is funny when you hear me do the squeaky little voice. Anyway the space guy pays the matchmaker and flies off with the jukebox.

A few days pass, and the space guy brings the jukebox, back and he says in that cool squeaky little voice, "She never shuts her mouth, yakita, yakita, yakita, all day long." So the matchmaker let's the spaceman trade her in on a gumball machine, which he also, thinks is a woman.

A few more days pass and the spaceman returns with the gumball machine. And he says in his squeaky little voice "When ever I hold her hand she loses one of her eyes" In effect he is pulling the lever and it releases a gumball. In the old days gumball machines worked by putting in a penny and pulling a lever for you young guys, who only see modern day gumball machines.

I wish you could hear the voice, 'cause as I read this it doesn't sound funny, but it is.

If any of you have any pix of Galaxia, please send them to me, thanks

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