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Tennessee Tuxedo (Don Adams)

Don Adams provided the voice of this cartoon that used to air on Channel 32 (WFLD-TV/Chicago) during lunch. Most people don't realize it was Chumley that was famous not Tennessee. When Stanley the head of the zoo found the two friends he was at the South Pole. So Chumley was a South Pole Walrus, he wouldn't go back with Stanley unless his friend Tennessee got to go too. That is the story behind that.

Tennessee was a cross because in cartoon terms he is an animal yet he still has some characteristics of people while retaining the characteristics of an animal. As opposed to Tom and Jerry, which are, pure animals or Mickey Mouse who is an animal but has no characteristics of one. Such as Pluto his cartoon dog who is a dog and acts like a dog. But Mickey is a mouse but only acts human. GOD I'm confused now.

tennessee tuxedo jpg  Tennesse and best bud Chumley

Casper The Ghost (various)

Never much cared for Casper. Did you ever notice how at the beginning of each Casper cartoon he has no friends? At the end of the cartoon he has friends, then by the next cartoon he is friendless again. Why? What happens between cartoons?

He was also such a fag. I mean he was always going up to strangers and saying, "Want to be friendly with me?" I mean what else could that mean.

Do you ever wonder what Casper died from? He probably was tricking and got murdered by a john.

Did you see the cartoon where Casper is all upset cause no one will be his friend so he tries to kill himself? First of all that's kind of heavy for a cartoon and second of all HE'S ALREADY DEAD

casper molesting fox  Casper apparently molesting a fox or something.

The Hillbilly Bears (Pa: (Henry Cordon) / Ma: (Jean Vander Pyle)

This series of cartoons was part of the Banana Spits line up. It would be a total waste of time except I know people that are like that in real life. Consider it a predecessor to the Jerry Springer Show

hillbilly bears jpg  Ma and Pa Bear

Underdog (Wally Cox)

I loved the theme song (Theme From UnderDog). Most people don't know there were two versions that alternated in the beginning. The only thing I can't stand about the cartoon was "Sweet" Polly Purebred. She was such an ingrate. Underdog constantly saved her ass, and the second one of the villains frames Underdog for a crime she turns against him.

underdog  There's no need to fear, do you know why?

Rocky and Bullwinkle (Rocky: June Foray / Bullwinkle: Bill Scott)

Syndicated under many different names this cartoon was great. Even though it was crudely drawn, this only added to the charm of it. It was often quite adult in theme. I remember one time when Bullwinkle was going to Whatsamata U (a college) and playing on the football team. The coach wonders where they are going to get the money for the team and the dean says, "We'll just fire a couple of English Professors." That flew over my head till I was an adult.

When asked about the poor quality of animation on the show producer Bill Scott, voice of Bullwinkle, said:

"We found out very quickly that we could not depend on the Mexico studio to produce anything of quality. They were turning out the work very quickly and there were all kinds of mistakes and flaws and boo-boos. They would never check. Mustaches popped on and off Boris, Bullwinkle's antlers would change, colors would change, costumes would disappear. By the time we finally saw it, it was on the air."

rocky and bullwinkle jpg  Moose and Squirrel

Sylvester the Cat (Mel Blanc)

Created in 1945, I loved Sylvester and HATED Tweety Bird. I wanted him to so badly to eat Tweety and be done with it. I loved it when Sylvester has a son and the kid is ashamed of Sylvester. He puts a bag over his head and says, "I'm tho athamed father." That is just too funny.

The name "Sylvester" was chosen because the word silvestris, is the scientific name for the domestic cat species

sylverster and son jpg  Pop Sylverster and Junior.

Popeye (various)

Wasn't that Olive a slut! I mean she was always encouraging Popeye and Bluto to fight over here, but when Bluto wanted some of her "stuff" she would scream for help. What a tease. I remember one cartoon where Popeye was helping her move, and then the mover (who is either Bluto or his look-a-like) comes in. Olive is all like, (in a hushed low sultry voice) "Ooooh the movers." She could have said "Oh the movers, and let it drop." But no, she is flashing her eyelids etc.

popeye  Popeye and his slutty friend Olive Oyl

And let me ask you, am I the only one who liked it when Bluto kicked the hell out of Popeye. Popeye could only win by taking drugs. Well he "said" it was spinach but who really knows what was in that can.

I like the time Popeye was walking the little sissy poodle and Bluto and his dog come along and for no reason whatsoever Bluto's dog just wails the tar out of this sissy dog. Talk about a gay bashing.

The television Popeye cartoons, that is the cartoons shown on TV, made for TV, were pretty weak animation and they replaced Bluto with virtually the same character Brutus. Considering they made 220 cartoons in 2 years you can see how shoddy they were done.

popeye  Friends (for now) with Bluto

Bugs Bunny (Mel Blanc)

Now Bugs was cool at first but later on he was so boring. Like the time in the Easter show. Granny was like casting the role of the Easter Bunny and of course Daffy wants it, but Granny gives it to Bugs, and he is like "Who me, oh no I don't deserve it." I mean for GOD's sake he's the only rabbit in the series. Who else would it be?

See in the beginning Bugs would win in the end but he didn't always win every battle. That made him cool. But when he started winning all the time it just turned to boring.

I loved him when he was with that Big Red Monster (his official name is "Gossamer" though he was refered to as "Rudolph" in the second of the films he appeared in.) that is like all hair. To promote a gay angle, Bugs is about to get crushed when he takes out a chair and starts manicuring the Big Red Monster's fingernails. He says, with an effected lisp, something along the lines of "Monsters, they are such INTERETHING people, I always enjoy meeting such INTERETHTING people. Just the other day I said to my girlfriend Hazel I said "Monsters, now there are some INTERETHTING people, oh the places you must go and the things you must see."

Did you ever notice that when Bugs gets into a jam and can't get out of it he kisses the other guy on the lips? And I guess whether it is Yosemite Sam or Elmer Fudd, their internalized homophobia allows Bugs to get away.

Click here -->Bugs Bunny Show Opening Theme Lyrics

bugs bunny jpg  Warner Brothers biggest attraction Bugs

Daffy Duck (Mel Blanc)

Now I love Daffy, especially in the beginning. Did you know Daffy was originally the antagonist for Porky Pig? I loved Mrs Daffy, she'd say something like "Shut up or I'll smack the beak off of you." And Daffy would reply, "I'd like to see you try." Then you'd hear a loud clap and Daffy's beak would be on the floor. Sometimes when she slapped him his beak would spin around or be on the top of his head. Too funny.

daffy missing beak jpg  Bugs and Daffy who is having beak "issues"

daffy jpg  Daffy when his look was a bit more "daffy"

Elmer Fudd (Arthur Q. Bryan)

What most people don't know is Elmer was before Bugs or Daffy. Actually likes Bugs the exact date of his appearance is disputed because there are cartoon with Elmer like characters and Elmer like voices but aren't exactly quite up to the Elmer we know. So while some consider this an early Elmer Fudd others say it's another character. Kind of like how Homer Simpson's voice was a bit different during the series first season.

I like Elmer, one of the few Looney Tunes or Merrie Melodies characters that was not voiced by Mel Blanc. Instead Arthur Q. Bryan voiced Fudd. Although when Bryan died, Blanc did take over vocal duties of Elmer. (Though other actors too have done Elmer's voice) Poor Elmer seem the entire universe was against him, but fortunately his brain capacity was so limited he rarely realized this.

elmer jpg  The "thinner" Elmer people loved

Elmer's whose most memorable effect was his inability to pronounce the letter R correctly. This was a speech impediment shared by Bryan himself, along with this "Brooklynesque" English. Usually paired with Bugs Bunny he occasionally took on Daffy Duck too and also appeared with Sylvester the Cat. Elmer revels in one short that he doesn't eat meat and he hunts just for sport.

In the early 1940s, Elmer's appearance was changed. He became a heavy-set, beer-belly character, in order to reflect Arthur Q. Bryan's real-life appearance, but he was still chasing Bugs. No one much liked this fatter Fudd, so ultimately the slimmer version (which was only fat in the head) returned for good.

fat elmer jpg  The "fat" Elmer

Marvin The Martian (Mel Blanc)

He was cool. Again he serves as an outlet for my anger. I'd love to be able to blow up the earth sometimes, and don't forget this famous line 'Oh you make me so angry"

marvin martian jpg  Marvin looking a bit angry

Goofy Gophers (Mel Blanc)

Ok these guys were totally a rip-off Disney's Chip and Dale and they were so gay. You just knew they were giving each other blowjobs between takes. Not a very entertaining lot.

goofy gophers gif  Mac and Tosh better known as the Goofy Gophers

Peppy LePew (Mel Blanc)

I HATED this guy. Every cartoon is the same. The cat gets a white stripe down her back and Pepe chases her. The only funny part is when the cat goes "Le meow, Le Meow." You know adding the French article "Le" before the meow. For the record Pepe has also chased a male cat (that's one for our side), a chihuahua and a wild cat.

pepe  Pepe romances and unwilling cat

Road Runner and Wile E Coyote (Mel Blanc both voices)

This is almost the same as Pepe LePew in the fact that it is basically the same cartoon run ad nauseam. What few people realize is that it is the Coyote not the Road Runner, that is the hero of this cartoon. Wile E Coyote represents the everyman in life, who despite odds keeps trying.

In fact Wile E Coyote doesn't even want to eat Road Runner. He clearly has enough money to buy other food, he just knows life has made it his lot to chase and catch the Road Runner. Remember the time when he caught the Road Runner and he holds up a sign saying "What do I do with him now?" Or the other time when he caught the Road Runner and then he found out the Road Runner was gigantic. Or did Wile shrink? I can't recall now.

By the way the word ACME is the same as APEX. It means the highest point. So for instance you can say someone hit the acme or apex of their career, when they were promoted to president.

roadrunner and wile e coyote jpg  Road Runner and Wile E Coyote

Yosemite Sam (Mel Blanc)

He's one of my favourite characters, you know sometimes I feel just like him. I get so mad I just want to take out my pistols and start shooting at random. I get such a kick out of the fact Bugs will ask a totally innocent question and Yosemite just takes out a gun and starts blasting. There are so many times when I'm online trying to find a date where I feel like doing this.

yosemite jpg  Yosemite Sam, about to go off, as usual

Yogi Bear (Daws Butler) and Boo Boo Bear (Don Messick)

Now Yogi was cool. But did you ever notice what a weird shape his body has. I loved this bear. Yogi was always after as he put it "pic-a-nic baskets" I liked the episode where a Japanese bear came to visit and Yogi taught him how to steal picnic baskets. The Japanese bear would walk up to campers and bow, the say very politely, in broken English "Pic-a-nic-a basket ple-as." Then he'd judo chop and beat up the campers to get the basket.

Did you notice sometimes Boo Boo who had a bow tie didn't have a collar? The bow tie was just stuck onto his fur. must've hurt. When you get to be over 40 you have a lot of times to think about things like this. OK in some later episodes sometime Boo Boo wears a collar.

boo boo gif  Boo Boo Bear with a collar

Also how come the Ranger always tells Yogi bears eat berries and nuts but never goes into the fact bears also kill and eat meat? Too "grizzly" for kids? Sorry had to get that joke in.

Click here -->Yogi Bear Show Opening Theme Lyrics

yogi.gif  Yogi with a recent "additon" to his diet

Foghorn Leghorn (Mel Blanc)

I love this guy. I especially like it when he tries to make a "man" or rooster out of him. I recall one short where "Prissy" the hen who is always chasing him, has a son. He is called Egghead Jr and Foghorn is trying to teach this guy stuff. Of course Egghead Jr is very smart, so he's mixing up some chemicals. Foghorn takes the mixture and says (you have to do this with Foghorn's southern accent.) "What you got there boy, sody pop (he shakes it) watch it fi-izzzz." Of course the thing just blows up in his face. Too funny.

I also like it when Henery the Chicken Hawk takes him on. The site of the little bird and big old Foghorn fighting is truly comical. I don't like it much when the dog and Foghorn fight because Foghorn is always using the fact that the dog is tied up on a leash to win. And frankly considering he's as big as the dog, well you get the idea. Now I want to eat some chicken.

foghorn leghorn jpg  The Southern Gentleman himself Foghorn

Porky Pig (Mel Blanc)

Like Elmer there were two Porky's. The original, which was a fat more realistic pig, that starred in his own shorts. Later when Porky declined in popularity, he was drawn to be cute and made a sidekick. What most people also don't know is that Joe Dougherty was the original voice and he actually stuttered. Because of this Joe could not stutter on demand, in otherwords he couldn't stutter where the script called for it, so Mel Blanc replaced him. So Joe did the voice until 1937 (for two years till Mel took over)

porky pig fat jpg  The original porky

Most people don't realize that when Porky stutters and can't get the word out he finally says a different word. Well most of the time anyway. I found Porky to be better in the early cartoons but he was overall a pretty boring guy. When he teemed up with the early Daffy Duck who was still daffy or crazy, then he was good.

porky cute jpg  The Porky we all know and love

Punkin Puss And Mushmouse (Punkin Puss: Allan Melvin / Mushmouse: Howard Morris)

The only reason this cartoon is any different is because the cat wins. Pumpkin Puss is winning at the beginning, Mushmouse cons him and then Pumpkin Puss finds out and in the end he wins over Mushmouse. It is one of the few cartoons where the cat wins over the mouse.

Some of you may remember Howard Morris better from The Andy Griffith Show where he played off beat Ernest T Bass.

punkin puss and mushmouse jpg  The feudin' deuo

Mr. Magoo (Jim Backus)

This cartoon is so bad, it at times is funny, too bad it is so politically incorrect and racist by today's standards that no one will air it.

mr magoo  jpg  Blind as a bat and only slighty funnier.

Woody Woodpecker (Grace Stafford)

Probably best known of the "screwball" type of cartoon characters Woody would evolve over the years from clearly an insane woodpecker to more of a smug self-confident kind of guy. Much the same way Bugs Bunny did. Created by Walter Lantz, he also created such cartoons as Andy Panda.

Woody was born from an idea of Gracie Stafford, who was annoyed by a woodpecker pecking the cabin she and Walter Lantz were staying at. After it started to rain they discovered the woodpecker had made holes in the cabin. Gracie told Walter he should make a cartoon about it. Some doubt this version as Gracie and Walter we not married at the time. In those days one did not advertise premarital co-habitation.

woody insane jpg  Woody clearly looking crazed and insane.

Woody appeared in 1940 in an Andy Panda cartoon, and quickly rose to become Lantz's #1 character. Mel Blanc originally voiced Woody but after he was signed to an exclusive agreement with Warner Brothers. Many others would provide the voice of Woody until Gracie, Walter's wife took over the job in 1950 and held it till 1990

In 1946 Woody's insanity was tempered a bit, and now he only went off half cocked with good reason.

woody half insane jpg  Woody not so crazy anymore

I like these Woody's the best. He is an instigator of trouble and as often as not takes the lumps as well as dishing them out.

In 1947 The Woody Woodpecker Song was written by George Tibbles and Ramey Idriess. Woody's laugh in heard throughout the song.

In 1950 Universal resigned Woody, and his wife Gracie came on board. Due to Universal's complaints about Woody's raucousness she toned him down vocal wise, and his image was changed again.

This new tone down Woody pretty much sucked. He was far to self actualized and much like later years of Bugs Bunny, he what he gained in audience numbers he lost in humour

woody jpg  Woody as we know him today

Donald Duck (Clarence "Ducky" Nash)

I never cared much for any of the Disney cartoons, but I laugh when I think of Donald, as I every time he'd come on TV my mother would look all disgusted and say "I never could understand a word that damn duck says," and then leave the room.

There is an urban legend that Donald was banned in Finland because he didn't wear pants, this is false. Did Donald Get Band For Going Pantless? (Link opens in a new Window)

original version of Donald Duck jpg  Donald, orginally drawn ducklike and more realistic

Most people don't realize that Donald's middle name was Fauntleroy and Disney lists his "official birthday" at June 9, 1934. Della Duck is Donald's twin sister and that is how he comes by his nephews, Huey, Dewey and Louie

By the mid 1940s Donald's more cynical attitude (compared to Mickey Mouse) had put him the #1 character of the Disney lot. WWII helped and Donald made seven propaganda films for the government

nazi duck jpg  Donald in the film Der Fuehrer's Face

Here you can see Donald in Der Fuehrer's Face, as a worker in Nazi Germany, or Nutzi land. He gets little food and has to work long hours and must salute Adolph Hitler's picture each time he sees it. Eventually he becomes a nervous wreck and has a breakdown, only to wake up and realize it was a dream. Then he sees the Statue of Liberty and the American Flag and comes to realize he has taken the freedoms of America for granted.

donald duck as today jpg  Donald as we know him today

Deputy Dawg (Dayton Allen)

I used to love this cartoon when I was little, though today I cannot remember what it was about. I do know it was pronounced "Dep-ty" in two syllables not the correct three syllables.

deputy dawg jpg  Deputy Dawg

Huckleberry Hound (Daws Butler)

OK now this was the GAYEST cartoon I have ever seen. That's all I have to say on this homosexual dawg.

huckleberry hound jpg  Huckleberry certainly is one of us

Clutch Cargo (Richard Cotting)

Ok this was just gross

clutch cargo jpg  Gross simple and plain

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