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The People Behind The Voices

Daws Butler (1916-1988)

daw buter jpg Born Charles Dawson Butler in Toledo, Daws based his character of Yogi Bear on Art Carney and it remains his most popular vocal. Butler was also the voice of Huckleberry Hound and countless other nameless characters on the Woody Woodpecker series of cartoons.

In addition to being one of of the first voices for "Snap" of Rice Krispies's "Snap, Crackle, Pop," fame, he was also the voice of Capt'n Crunch.

He also stepped in for Mel Blanc when he was injured in a car accident and did four Flintstones episodes where he played Barney Rubble.

His other voices included:

# Snagglepuss
# Quick Draw McGraw
# Baba Looey
# Dixie Mouse
# Mr. Jinks
# Super Snooper and Blabber Mouse
# Augie Doggie
# Wally Gator
# Elroy Jetson
# Cogswell (The Jetsons)
# Henry Orbit (The Jetsons)

As far as I know he has appeared only behind the camera in voice over or narration roles.

Jean Vander Pyl (1919-1999)

jean vander pyl jpg Best know as the voice of Wilma Flintstone, Jean went on to do a lot of other voice over work for Hanna Barbera, as the voice of Rosie the Maid on The Jetsons, Ogee on Magilla Gorilla, and Goldie in Top Cat.

Unlike most voice over actresses she did a lot of bit parts on TV shows in the 50s and 60s such as The Donna Reed Show and Petticoat Junction

flintstone voice actors jpg Left Photo of Jean and the rest of the gang from The Flintstones

From Left:
Alan Reed (Fred)
Jean Vander Pyl (Wilma)
Bea Benaderet (Betty)
Mel Blanc (Barney)

Arthur Q. Bryan (1888-1959)

Arthur Q Bryan jpg Known for being the voice of Elmer Fudd, he was mostly a bit player in films achieving very little success before he voiced Elmer. His work in animation led to a lot more work in radio where he played different characters, and during the war years after the draft, Bryan managed to take over the roles from many other drafted radio actors.

He did appear in films in the late 30s but much of his work was small and unaccredited so you have to look for it. Viewers of I Love Lucy can catch him as "Mr Chambers" in the episode "Ricky Loses His Voice."

June Foray (1917-present)

june foray jpg The hardest working female in the voice over business, and probably second only to Mel Blanc in the number of voices done, June still is the last living major player in the animation world.

Like most voice over animation artist she got her start in local radio and it wasn't long before she had established herself as a major player by 1934 a the age of 17 she headed for Hollywood from Springfield, MA.

Her works include Rocky the Flying Squirrel, Natasha, Nell (from Dudley Do-Right Granny (Tweety's owner), the witches and most female voices for the cartoons associated with Bullwinkle, and she was the voice for the original "Chatty Cathy" doll. She also was the voice of "Cindy Lou Who" in the classic How The Grinch Stole Christmas. She also did bit parts on The Simpsons if you recall the voice of the "Rubber Baby Buggy Bumper Babysitting Services" receptionist.

Viewers can catch her in a rare real life appearance on reruns of the show Green Acres in the episode called "Don't Count Your Tomatoes Before They're Picked." Where Oliver finds himself owning the phone company, and at the same time can't run it as he needs to pick his tomato crop. So June plays a Spanish day worker who can run the switchboard. She calls Oliver "El Presidente" as he is the owner of the Hooterville Phone Company.

Mel Blanc (1908-1989)

mel blanc jpg Born Mel Blank in 1908 in San Francisco, he moved to Portland and always considered it his hometown. He change his name to Blanc when he went into radio.

He is the voice of a thousand cartoon characters. First appearing in radio in such shows as Burns and Allen as "The Happy Postman" and The Jack Benny Show, on which he played many roles. The most famous role on The Jack Benny Show, being one where he'd play a train announcer and yell out "Train leaving on Track Five for Anaheim, Azusa, and Cucamonga".

What made that so funny was the very long pause that came between "Cuca.." and "...monga" -- eventually minutes would pass while the skit went on. The audience would be laughing awaiting the inevitable conclusion of the word.

Blanc said "Yosemite" Sam was the hardest character for him to voice as it caused much strain on his voice. He also acknowledged he would chew on carrots when he did the role of Bugs Bunny, though Blanc says he spit them out rather than swallow the carrots, as he hated them.

mel's tombstone jpg On January 24, 1961 Blanc was involved in a near fatal accident that left him paralyzed. As he slowly recovered he found out that the producers of The Flintstones, on which he was playing Barney Rubble accommodated him by bringing the other voice actors to him and allowing him to talk. Flintstone fans will note 4 episodes were made without Blanc and Barney's voice does sound much different.

Mel Blanc later said in an interview, even though he was paralyzed and could not walk or move his legs or arms he was denied disability as the insurance company said "He still can work," as the above example show Mel could do.

Blanc continued to work till his death in 1989, his last project being The Jetsons, the theatrical movie. He died from cardiovascular disease. Blanc's stated his desire to have the inscription on his gravestone read, "THAT'S ALL FOLKS."

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